#52 – 6-1/4″ Sheesham, G – C


Larger diameter TransTablas have a wonderful range and this 6-1/4″ Sheesham drum rings from G to C.  This is also the second Tabla to feature our “racelaced” strapping method showing as much of these glorious shell highlights as possible. Long sustain Bombay style head, custom African Mahogany pegs, and finished with a Red Cedar laced cover.


  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Dimensions: Head 6-1/4” (6.25) with 12″ overall height
  • Shell: Polished Sheesham (Dalbergia Sissoo)
  • Pitch Range: G to C
Price: $2049.00 15% off Sale $1739

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Played at low pitch

Played at high pitch