#45 – 5-3/8″ Shirish XLR, C – D *SOLD*


This is a unique and lighter colored specimen of Shirish due to being made from a smaller log primarily featuring the sapwood. Finished with a Calcutta style head, custom Maple pegs, and Zebrawood cover. Arguably the most advanced Tabla in the world at the moment, sporting an interior microphone design by Sanjay Rikhi Ram with an XLR port out the side. This TransTabla was a conversion project from the reknowed artist and composer Karsh Kale.


  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Dimensions: Head 5-3/8” (5.35) with 10.7″ overall height
  • Shell: Polished Shirish (Albizia Saman)
  • Pitch Range: C to D
Price: Sold, custom order.

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Played at low pitch

Played at high pitch