Extraordinary and revolutionary tablas!

“David Yovino’s extraordinary TransTabla is truly revolutionary. Once you have one, you’ll want all of your drums to work and sound this beautifully! The TransTabla mechanism makes it easy to instantaneously fluctuate a step up or down to desired pitch. You can then you use your hammer to fine tune to perfection. It requires just a few minutes to take in slack, and wear on your hands and the drum is reduced to a minimum. Detune easily to protect your drum for travel. David’s service is top notch. He’s responsive and dedicated to excellence. TransTabla simultaneously upholds tradition while embracing the future. This is the instrument we’ve been waiting for.”

– Joshua Levin

Tightening of a dahina

“I tightened up a much neglected dahina yesterday, and the tool made HUGE difference! I didn’t turn my hands into pulverized hamburger for a change.”

– Kingsley Gordon

Easy to change the tonality

“I successfully played a song in C, went to D# next and then back down to D. That was awesome!”

– Anu Chechi

Fast tuning

“With just a small crank of the TransTabla I had my tabla back up to pitch in record time.”

– Shawn Mativetsky