10 Year Review

“I purchased a transtabla from David back in 2013. Initially, I was skeptical because of the high cost but the tonal quality was so good I decided to try it. This Tabla was definitely well worth the premium. The tonal quality of my particular Transtabla was unmatched, much better than most of my other Tablas, and more importantly remained that way for the nearly 10 years the original head lasted despite the multiple tunings. I would transport this Tabla to perform in many concerts, and the pitch would always be reliable when pulling it out of the bag. The quality of the workmanship was amazing too. The Transtabla was also extremely versatile, and I’ve played it in shruthis between B to D. Being a PhD student with minimal space, money and time to maintain my Tablas, the Transtabla solved all these issues by being reliable, low maintenance and providing a high quality sound. I would highly recommend this product.”

– Hari Sivakumar