Tabla Strap

We offer 3 different options to strap your Tabla. All options come in 35+ ft lengths and include 2 buckles (except rawhide) for easy adjustments and fastening to the base ring.

VECTRAN – One of the most advanced textiles in the world, Vectran has zero stretch, and isn’t even prone to “creep”, (a slow stretch when under a static load) like its other supertextile relatives Kevlar and Spectra. It is extremely cut resistant, will not rot or mold, and has unbelievable strength. Another bonus, it’s only available in one color that happens to match the color of traditional rawhide strap. Easy to handle and comes with one hardened end to make lacing even simpler.

RAWHIDE – Organic strap with variable thickness, width and stretch. Inspected for thin spots and large defects. High quality leather with traditional look and feel, but no consistency. Rawhide can rot or mold if exposed to moisture, and can be difficult to lace.

POLYESTER – An inexpensive and easy to manage choice for strapping tabla. Polyester will not rot, but has stretch of around 1% and only a fraction of Vectran’s strength.

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Vectran Strap: $99.98
Rawhide Strap: $39.98
Polyester Strap: $39.98

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